Shoulder Pain

The shoulder joint is a complex joint that is actually made up of several joints that work together to produce all arm motions. Due to the complex nature of this joint, pain, irritation, or injury of this joint can be common and doesn’t always occur from sports or other trauma.

Strain on the shoulder joint can create irritation and pressure on the rotator cuff tendons and lead to pain and weakness. Persistent pressure on the tendons can lead to a tear or partial tear on the rotator cuff which if not treated may require surgery.

Shoulder pain can include: Arthritis, muscle strain/sprain, tendinitis, bursitis, instability, impingements, tendon tears, fractures or dislocations.

Shoulder impairments can limit sports and recreational activities, work related tasks or even just daily tasks such as reaching overhead into cabinets in the kitchen.


We treat all conditions of the shoulder and the rehab focus is on looking at the shoulder complex as a whole and treating all aspects of the impairment. The focus is on making sure the shoulder joint is moving properly to regain or maintain ROM for all functional and recreational activities, but also to re-educate the muscles to provide better posture and overall improved stability of the shoulder joint. Strengthening alone is not enough, as it requires a progression of supervised and guided exercises to advance the overall rehab of the shoulder in order to have you return to your activities, more mobile, stronger and more stable than before.
If you are suffering from any shoulder issues, please give us a call and we can set up an evaluation.