Did you know that posture can have an enormous impact on your daily life and affect you as you age? As we age our posture becomes harder to maintain and the forces of gravity become stronger pushing us forward into poor posture.

Your daily work, leisure routine or driving can have a negative impact on your posture. Our bodies tend to become lazy and using our postural muscles to maintain our spine in a straight or erect position can become challenging.

With all of today’s technology, computer and desk jobs, we tend to lean forward and round our shoulders which brings all of our posture forward and out of alignment. Leaning over mobile devices and laptops can also lead to long term neck and back problems as well as added strain on the shoulder joints.


Just by trying to correct our posture in sitting and standing, it can re-align our spine naturally and reduce the strain on the spine and begin to strengthen our postural muscles.

Exercises to improve our postural and spinal muscle strength can lead to overall improved postural alignment and reduce the risk of back and neck pains.

A licensed physical therapist can assess your posture and alignment and provide you with the proper stretches and exercises to improve your posture and alignment and help to avoid unnecessary strain to the neck and back.