Neck Pain

Do you suffer from neck or arm pain? This can include stiff or sore neck, pain into the back of the head, headaches or even pain or numbness into the arm. Many people suffer from neck pain daily and are unsure of the cause. Neck pain can be caused from various issues and these can include muscle spasm, joint issues that can include arthritis or vertebral alignment deficits, poor muscle strength and balance, poor posture or disc related conditions. Any combination of these things can cause pressure on the nerves that travel out of the neck and travel into the arms. This can cause symptoms not only in the neck but also down the arm on one or both sides. If any of these symptoms sound familiar physical therapy can help.


These issues can limit or put a stop to a person’s daily and recreational activities.Treatment for any or all of these conditions can be evaluated and treated by a licensed physical therapist. Treatment will include modalities such as moist heat, ultra sound and electrical stimulation to loosen the muscles and help to decrease pain. Treatment will also include:

  • manual treatment with stretching and massage
  • postural exercises and re-education
  • ROM and strengthening and stabilization exercises to support the neck and all of its structures.

You will also be instructed in a comprehensive home exercise program to continue with when discharged from therapy and will be instructed in and discuss returning to prior activities.