Back Pain

Millions suffer from back pain every year. It can become extremely debilitating and painful. Back pain may be a result of a strained/pulled muscle or muscle spasm which can pinch a nerve creating pain or pain and numbness into your leg. This can also be caused by a herniated disc or change in the integrity of the spine or arthritic conditions. Poor posture can cause alignment issues and abnormal strain and poor muscle strength along the muscles on the front and back of the spine. Back pain can cause increased mobility and strength deficits that affect every day tasks and can affect work and recreational activities as well.


Physical therapy can help with this condition.

A licensed physical therapist can evaluate the back condition and treat the symptoms and help to decrease the pain as well as improve all spinal strength and mobility.

We evaluate and determine a very comprehensive approach to treating your back condition.

Some treatment includes:

  • McKenzie techniques
  • Manual treatment with stretching and mobility exercises
  • Postural re-education, strengthening and stabilization exercises
  • Instruction and education on a home exercise program and discussion on returning to previous activities